Our History


CAHOVA (Home for Male Children, Civil Association) A.C.


CAHOVA A.C. Was born by the vision of Mrs. Maria Cristina Ramos de Hermosillo +, in 2001 it opens its doors to address the problems of children / youth in need, in vulnerability and on the street living with risk, in the city of Mexicali, Baja California.


"We strive to give our children a present with security and a better future, when they touch the doors of generous hearts, dreams can be achieved."


Macristy Ramos of Hermosillo


• 2000 - The first draw for the construction and qualification of CAHOVA A.C.
• 2001 - Cahova opens its doors initially serving 7 children despite the death of our founder Mrs. Macristy de Hermosillo, this is achieved thanks to the society, the CAHOVA board and the founding family.
• 2002 - The capacity of attention is extended to 27 children and young people. They are provided with a safe home, food and education for free.
• 2003 - 5 Young Kids of CAHOVA stand out the different categories of Greco-Roman wrestling, getting two 1st Places during the National Olympic Games .
• 2004 - Cahova A.C. operates at its maximum capacity.
• 2005 - 9 children / youth are reintegrated into their families upon completion of the Respective Program.
• 2006 -We attended for the first time guests by Genesis X A.C. Ensenada Camp for children / youth with support also from UABC Baja California University.
• 2007 - We obtained the 3rd place in the Altruism National Award in Mexico City.
• 2008 - We received the X State Award for Altruism awarded by Redsocial Tijuana.
• 2009 – SEDESOL, Ministry of Social Develpment, gives us the first economic help support for participating in the annual call.
• 2010 - We received the Recognition of the Mexican Philanthropy Center and the International Foundation for the Community for achieving the Optimal Level of Indicators of Institutionality and Transparency in Civil Society Organizations
• 2011 - The State Government of Baja California certifies us for having fulfilled all the requirements of Legibility, Professionalism and Transparency.
• 2012 - Our first young graduated with a Nursing Technique career
• 2013 - We were evaluated by Philanthropy with a result of B +
• 2014- First Graduated of Cahova completing studies in Criminology
• 2015 - We were the first Permanent Home for Male Children to be recognized Nationally for fulfilling all the requirements and obtaining the Operation License in accordance with the new General Law on the Rights of Children and Teenagers.
• 2016 - We were the 1st home in the Country with Registration 001
• 2017 - Over 16 years we have transformed 808 lifes, 323 children / youth and 485 family members, Thanks for making this possible, we will keep continuing writing our history!
323 x 2.5 (relatives average)